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2020 Basketball season

Interested in playing for one of our teams? ​

AAU Basketball Tryouts

SPG Supreme Basketball - AAU basketball teams play or train year-round.  Once the official AAU season end, our organization continues to work on individual player development or play in non-AAU sanction leagues.  Players can still join teams in the off season once invited, and after evaluation by one of our team coach. One of SPG Supreme initiative is to develop player skills and basketball IQ during the off season, which will prepare players for the future. SPG Supreme Basketball in Fayetteville, NC teaches fundamental basketball skills, life skills, and good sportsmanship to student-athletes. SPG Supreme Basketball looks for student-athletes that have the potential to learn the fundamentals of basketball needed to elevate their game.  

 Parents please register, and we will send you updated information regarding the current team, tryout and workout dates. 

2020 AAU Basketball Tryouts Grades 6 thru 8.
2020 AAU Basketball Tryouts Grades 6 thru 8.

Tryouts - Interested in playing for one of our teams?

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